Hiding "No Documents Found"

Everybody who works with Domino and web knows the annoying error message "No
documents found", when displaying af view containing no documents. Unfortunally
there is no way of replacing/erasing this message, so the only way to get rid
of this "feature" is to hide it.
If You put the code below in Your hide when formula om Your $$ViewBody field or
on the embedded view, You will not see anything, if the view is empty. You can
of course add Your own message, by hiding it whit the same formula, but with
reverse logic

The formula assumes that You have a first column containing something that can
be returned by a DbColumn. This is usually the the case, but it can not be
specialtext, like @DocNumber.
The replacement of "-" with "\\" in the first line is due to an error in
@ViewTitle. This problem is corrected in R5, and the line couldt be omitted in
this release.
View:[email protected](@Subset(@ViewTitle;-1);"-";"\\");
LookUp:[email protected]("":"Nocache";"";View;1);
Docs:[email protected](LookUp);

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