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Highlight words on a Web page

Highlighting words after a full text search:

Code: If you want to highlight a specific word in a document on the Web, include the following at the end of the URL:
&Highlight=1,word  or &Highlight=2,word1,word2,... 
	The first number of the Highlight argument is a flag, which currently has the bits:
1 is case sensitive
2 uses word variants (stemming)

The rest of the arguments are the keywords to be highlighted. 

Full description for Full text search follows:

You will need a view (SearchView) and a form ($$SearchTemplate fo SearchView). 
On the form $$SearchTemplate fo SearchView include: 
1. JSHeader:
function highlight(url) {
  var form=window.document.forms[0];
  var openurl=url + "&Highlight=2" + form.String.value;  
2. in the form body, preceding the $$ViewBody field:
<input type="hidden" name="String" value="">
  where the computed value is something like: @Right(Query_String_Decoded;  "="  )

In the view SerachView
a column which generates a call to the highlight JS, like this:
URL := "/" + db + "/0/" + @Text(@DocumentUniqueID)  + "?opendocument";
"<a href="javascript:highlight('" + URL +  "')" TITLE="" + title + "">"  + title +  "</a> <br>"

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