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How Domino converts MIME to Rich text

Just what makes a Domino server convert MIME to Rich text?

Just what makes a Domino server convert MIME to Rich text?

When a MIME message is received by a Domino server, the conversion can be caused by any of the following:

  1. Mail preference in person document is set as Notes Rich Text. The mail preference should be set to No Preference for Notes users, and MIME for other mail clients.
  2. The ODS of any of the's on the routing path is not R5. Compact will only change the ODS when it runs the copy-style compaction. If there is not enough disk space for a duplicate of the to be made, it will remain in R4 format
  3. The ODS of the user's mail database is not R5.
  4. An add-in product, like an anti-virus software package that has not been optimized for R5
  5. A pre-delivery LotusScript agent that is not coded to retain MIME format. Adding the line, session.ConvertMIME = False, to the agent before the body field is modified will solve this problem. Note, however, that this causes the item type property of the body field to be set as MIMEPART not Rich_Text and therefore it is only available as a NotesItem, not a RichTextItem.

    To see where the message conversion took place, check the $MimeTrack field of the mail document. The contents of this field will tell you where the problem resides. For instance, if the $MimeTrack field states that the message was converted by the router, as in the line "MIME-CD by Router on spongbob/SEA(Release 5.0.9a |January 7, 2002) at 06/01/2002 09:12:14 AM", the conversion would most likely be caused by one of four things: spongbob is an R4 server, the or the users mail database is an R4 ODS, the person document is set for Prefers Notes Rich Text or there is a pre-delivery agent. On the other hand, if the message is converted by the server, then the culprit is probably a third party product. If the $MimeTrack field does not exist, the message was converted by an R4 SMTP MTA.

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