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How To Delete Private Views Stored In User Desktop File

Script Deletes the Users Private Views/Folders Stored Localy in their Desktop
You can customise the script to delete specific view of your design elements.

This might be usefull, if you made design changes to view on server which is
set to Store in Desktop. This allows you to delete User Private view on
database open, this way user if click on view he gets the modified view.

Dim db New Notesdatabase("","desktop.dsk")
Dim view as Notesview

If Not(db.IsOpen) Then Call db.Open("","")

Forall view in db.Views
'this also includes folders

Call view.Remove
End forall

End If

'if you want delete specific view/folder

Forall view in db.Views
If view.Name="your view name" Then
End If
End forall

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