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How To Make IE as Notes Default Browser Through LotusScript

How set Internet Explorer as Notes Default Browser. Same code can be used to change different brower setting in location document.

This changes Browser settings for all location documents.

This is done in two steps,
First create a Button & Put below script, which will check for browser setting, if setting is not IE then sets to IE.

Second Create another button to Apply Changes you just made to the current Location document without Closing Notes.

You can check current Setting by this statement. @LocationGetInfo([WebRetriever])

'First Button Call it Make IE Default Notes Browser

Dim sess As New NotesSession
Dim db As New Notesdatabase("","names.nsf")
Dim doc As Notesdocument
Dim view As Notesview
Dim ChangeFlag As Integer

If Not(db.IsOpen) Then Call db.Open("","")
Set view=db.GetView("($Locations)")
Set doc=view.GetFirstDocument

ChangeFlag = 0

While Not(doc Is Nothing)
Print "Checking default browser for Location:
If doc.WebRetriever(0)<>"2" Then
Print "Setting default browser to IE: "+Ucase$(doc.Name(0))
Call doc.Computewithform(False,False)
Call doc.Save(True,True)
ChangeFlag = 1
End If
Set doc=view.Getnextdocument(doc)
Print ""
If ChangeFlag = 1 Then
Msgbox "At least 1 Location document was altered by this process.
In order for the change to take effect, click the [Apply] button, or exit
and re-start Notes."
Msgbox "Your Browser settings were already correct. No Location Documents were changed."
End If

'Second Button Code Call It Apply Changes

@If(@Prompt([YESNO];"Verify Browser Change";"We will now attemp to connect
to the Intranet using Internet Explorer. Do you want to proceed?") ;

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