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How To Pass Dynamic Arguments To Fax For Domino (Fxd)

If you are using Fax for Domino (FxD) and thinking about modifying it so that
the sent faxes will display dynamic information detached from your custom fax
forms, you will be faced with the limitation that LFS accepts only arguments
passed through its predefined fields.

This tip shows you how to bypass that and give FxD as many argument as you want
so that it will generate your faxes the exact way you want them.
If you are creating your fax form from scratch, you will need to copy to it all
the fields available in the $LotusFaxOptionsSubform subform, which is located
in the nfxcover.nsf in your fax server.

You will notice that almost all the NFX_* fields in that subform have
corresponding IS_* fields in the Fax cover forms located in the FxD cover page
database (nfxcover.nsf) located at your fax server.

You can pass data to the fax forms only through these fields.. thus the trick
is to use them to pass all kinds of data to the fax cover page.

For example, you can set the field NFX_FaxOutSenderEmail in your mail template
to contain a text list that include all kind of information besides sender
email.. This text list will be inherited by IS_FaxOutSenderEmail in your fax
cover form at nfxcover.nsf. You can then then programmatically extract those
information in local fields in the fax cover page.

An exception is the fields IS_FaxOutToName and IS_Recipients, which do not have
corresponsent NFX_* fields. You can still pass information in other fields and
then use a formula to slice and dice your data (practically speaking, you can
use these two fields besides passed information in other fields to display the
information in to, cc, bcc fields as they were originally set.. not as "to" and
"others" only as FxD forces you to do).
This was last published in November 2000

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