How To Prevent Users The Edit Documents Via The Ctrl+E Keyboard Shortcut Or Double Click Using Role

The following code will allow you to ristrict edit access using the ACL Roles.
Sub Querymodechange(Source As Notesuidocument, Continue As Variant)
Continue = sl_CheckAccess(source,"[Admin]")
End Sub

* Programer; Eric Russ @ maxim
* Objective:
Only allow person to edit document if they have the proper access.
They must have a Roll of Admin


'// Constants - Somtimes it easier to use Notes formulas
Const NotesMacro$ = "@UserRoles"
Const NotesMacro2$ = "@Name([CN];@UserName)"
Const NotesMacro3$ = "@Subset( @Explode(bga_From;',') ; 1 )"

'// Local variables
Dim xRoles As Variant
Dim xUserName As Variant
Dim xAssigned As Variant
Dim xResults As Integer

'//if user is moveing from read mode to edit mode
If source.EditMode = False Then
xResults = False
xRoles = Evaluate(NotesMacro$)
xUserName = Evaluate(NotesMacro2$)
xAssigned = Evaluate(NotesMacro3$)

'// Check their roll access
If xRoles(0) <> "" Then ' No roles. No Edit
Forall xR In xRoles
If Instr ( Ucase(xRolls) ,Ucase(xR) ) > 0 Then
xresults = True
Exit Forall
End If
End Forall
End If


If xResults = False Then
sl_CheckAccess = False
Msgbox "You do not have rights to edit this document. Please contact the
sl_CheckAccess = True
End If
End If
End Function

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