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How To Simulate "@Contains" Using Lotusscript

How to simulate "@Contains" using LotusScript: Most Notes programmers find it
difficult to get the same functionality in LotusScript that they experience
using the Notes macro language. Many resort to using the "Evaluate()" method in
script which is resource intensive and has memory issues with certain versions
of Notes/Domino. One of the more common @Functions used by developers is
@Contains. You can use the LotusScript "Instr()" to get similar results as

InStr ( [ begin , ] string1 , string2 )

Use begin as an integer that tells the method at what character position to
start looking for the string.

String1 is the string your are searching for. String2 is the string to search
within for String1.

If the return is greater than 1, String1 is contained within String2.
SearchString$ = "test"
SourceString$ = "This is a test."

If InStr(1 , SearchString$, SourceString$ ) > 1 then
MsgBox("SearchString found in SourceString!")
MsgBox("Could not find the SearchString.")
End If

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