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How To Take Notes Desktop From Ver 4 To Ver 5

If you have both Notes 4 and 5 installed on the same machine and like me your 4
desktop is carefully organized but 5 is a disaster area, here's how to move 4
to 5...
1. Close Notes 5

2. Move the following files from Notes 5 directory to a safe location as a

3. Copy the file desktop.dsk from Notes 4 data directory to your Notes 5 data

4. Restart Notes 5.

It'll prompt you for your password and then show a dialog saying "Migrating
desktop to bookmarks..." When it's finished, you now have a desktop the same
as Notes 4 and your bookmarks will reflect the desktop.


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Feedback about tip: How to Take Notes Desktop from Ver 4 to Ver 5 from Bill

While all the steps given are correct, it may be worth noting that the R5
client no longer needs the desktop.dsk, it is replaced with the desktop5.dsk.
Lotus does not remove this file automatically, but users can remove it to save

More importantly (and you may want to verify this with Lotus) I have been told
by a tech that we should remove the desktop.dsk on the R5 clients. His words
implied that there are problems attributed to the desktop.dsk being there. I'm
not sure if that is true, but regardless, we've made an effort to clean up our
clients that were migrated from R4 to R5. It was beneficial to have the
desktop.dsk as a backup when we first migrated over last summer - in case the
installation didn't go correctly and we wanted to go rebuild the users
bookmarks, etc. But since then we've gone to the trouble of backing up their
bookmark.nsf and desktop5.dsk on the network for those unfortunately souls who
have catastrophic system failures.

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