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How to add keyboard functionality for Lotus Notes documents

Learn JavaScript code that adds keyboard functionality for Lotus Notes view documents so users can browse and open them via the "Up," "Down," and "Enter" buttons.

This JavaScript code will let users navigate Lotus Notes view documents using their keyboard "Up" and "Down" arrow keys. It will also allow them to open Lotus Notes documents with the "Enter" key.

To implement this functionality, just follow these simple steps:

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  1. Create a $$ViewTemplateDefault or $$ViewTemplatefor<VIEWNAME> form.
  2. Create a <div> tag with the ID "ViewBody" and mark the <div> tag as "pass-through HTML."
  3. Embed the Lotus Notes view and select "Domino Web Access" -> "Display" -> "Using View's display property."
  4. Close the <div> tag.
  5. Create a <style> tag for setting height and scrollbar controls for the <div> tag.
  6. Add this JavaScript code in the "OnLoad()" event.
  7. view_onloadfunction();
  8. Add this JavaScript code in the JSHeader event of the form.
var rowid=1;
var totalrows = 0;
var keypress_scroll_limit = 20; 
// Adjust this value based on the height 
of the view var viewdivid = "ViewBody"; 
var rowhighlightimage = "/icons/expand.gif";

//function to set the keypress event and 
select the first row, this function called from 
'onload()' event function view_onloadfunction() 
{ selectRow(rowid); var viewdivobj = 
viewdivobj.onkeydown = view_keypressHandler;

// to set the table border and get the totalrows 
count var tableElements = viewdivobj.
var table = tableElements[
tableElements.length - 1] ; table.border=1;
 rows = table.getElementsByTagName("tr") ; 
totalrows = rows.length; }

function view_keypressHandler (evt)
  // make sure we have a valid event variable
  if(!evt && window.event) {
    evt = window.event;
  var key = evt.keyCode;
  var KEYUP = 38;
  var KEYDOWN = 40;

    if (key == KEYUP) {
       if(rowid != 1) 
rowid = rowid -1;   
// control the scrollbar movement while KEYUP 
if(rowid >= totalrows - keypress_scroll_limit)
return false;
    if (key == KEYDOWN) {
    if(rowid>=totalrows-1) {
   rowid = rowid; }
else {
rowid = rowid + 1; } 
 // control the scrollbar movement while KEYDOWN
 return false;  
  return true;

//function to select a row
function selectRow(rownum)
var viewdivobj = document.
var tableElements = viewdivobj.
var table = tableElements[
tableElements.length - 1] ;
rows = table.getElementsByTagName("tr") ;
for( i = 1; i < rows.length; i++) {
if( i == rownum) { 
Atag = rows[i].
if(Atag.length > 0) { 
Ahref = Atag[0].href;
// By default domino create a 
blank image  in the first column, 
// we change the image src to our custom 
arrow image
AImage = rows[i].cells[0].
AImage[0].height = 10;
AImage[0].src = rowhighlightimage; 
// You can also use custom arrow image
else {
AImage = rows[i].cells[0].
AImage[0].height = 0
AImage[0].src = "";

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