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How to be a holly jolly boss

Those who have helped make your company a success this year -- your Notes and Domino administrators and developers -- have made it through another year. (They've probably made you look good to boot.) What was it this year -- Migration? Upgrades? A company move? Have you said, "Thank you" yet?

We decided to find out for ourselves exactly what's on the wish lists of Domino administrators & developers. Here are some suggestions you may try adding to the bonus envelope to show those who keep the place humming how much you appreciate them:

-- A long lunch, paid for by the boss, during an especially busy week.
-- The ability to work on a production server during
business hours."
-- Easy Design Scanner by Easy Access software.
-- A new workstation with lots of bells and whistles. PC "goodies" are
always a favorite.
-- Project requirements that don't change every other day.
-- A real development environment that consists of more than 2 servers.
-- Buy a new laptop for personal use for the employee who is always on call,
always ready to help.
-- Moving the Notes Client to R5 across your organization so we can use the
R5 designer and R5 functionality.
-- New servers. Techies love new hardware.
-- Gigabit connections to the Internet.
-- A VPN solution so people can work from home on DSL.
-- A week (chosen by the boss) where one's pager can be left unanswered.
-- Two books, "Lotus Notes and Domino 5 Development

Unleashed" by Debbie Lynd/SteveKern and "Domino 5 Web Programming with XML, Java, and JavaScript" by Randall A. Tamura.

If that's not enough, you can also can get some help online as well if you're truly stumped about what to do.

Top Ten Holiday Ideas
PC Magazine's Dvorak offers these suggestions on what to give the IT
employee for the holiday.,7802,2663846,00.html

Incentives keep elves jolly / How to help IT workers cope with holiday
stress eWeek's article is a good survival guide on how to cope
with holiday e-tailing insanity.,11011,2661392,00.html gift certificates
You can usually find what you want here.
Yahoo!'s Last-Minute Shopping Guide
A super list of quality merchants capable of shipping gifts as late as 12/23
- and we won't ask WHY did you wait so long?

At this Yahoo site, they recommend ordering before 6 p.m. (EST) Dec. 20th
but if you must shop last-minute you can send an *e-mailable gift
certificate* as late as 8:00 p.m. (EST) on Dec. 24th. (Not suggested for


12 TB of DASD
11 yellow Corvettes
10 users who can *use* Notes mail
9 months to learn Domino Workflow
8 Sametime friends
7 More on Level II Help Desk support
6 Subscriptions to "The View"
5 20-inch flat-panel monitors
4 Intel P4 processors
3 DSD iSeries servers
2 answers
1 R5 Migration Pro

Remember, if you do nothing else, do stop at the office door, poke your head in and say "Thanks for the hard work. I couldn't do it without you."

Wendy Maxfield is a contributing editor based in Littleton, Mass.

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