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How to configure DB2 on a single Lotus Domino server

Here are 10 simple steps to configure DB2 on a single standalone Lotus Domino server, courtesy of member Ashutosh Chandra.

Here are 10 simple steps to configure DB2 on a single standalone Lotus Domino server.

  1. Create a new Microsoft Windows user account.

  2. From the DB2 Command Line Processor, check whether your DB2 installation has a SYSCTRL_GROUP configured by entering the command:
  3. If there is a SYSCTRL_GROUP configured, add the newly created Windows user account to that group. If it is not configured, create a new operating system group named 'DB2DOM' and configure this group as the SYSCTRL_GROUP. From the DB2 Command Line Processor, enter the command:
  4. From the DB2 Command Line Processor, update the DB2 configuration by stopping and restarting DB2. Enter the command:

    Then, enter the command:

    'DB2START' command.
  5. Set up your Lotus Domino server for transactional logging.

  6. Manually copy the ndb2key.dll to C:program fileslotusDomino.

  7. Open Domino Administrator -> Goto DB2 -> Edit server, and enter the following information:
    Port Number: 50000
    Instance: DB2
    Database: Domino
    Directory: c:db2dbsrvr
    DB Default Creation: DB2, to specify in which 
    format the Lotus Domino database will be created. 
    The default is .nsf.
  8. Start the Lotus Domino server and make sure the Lotus Domino server for DB2 is enabled on the right side of the Domino Administrator UI.

  9. Select "Enable Server DB2" and fill in the information required:
    DB2 Instance
    DB2 data store
    DB2 username password
  10. Restart your Lotus Domino server.

To test your installation, create a new Lotus Domino database and check its properties. If it worked, it will show as a DB2-enabled database.

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