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How to create a forgiving Notes/Domino date parser with Formula language member Mick Crowder provides a Notes/Domino date parser written in Formula language that will graciously accept differently formatted date entries.

The Formula language script below is a very forgiving Notes/Domino date parser that will allow you to enter dates formatted like "Jul. 18, 2006" without generating errors.

 REM  "This should be a formula for a 
date/time field and be computed."; 
REM  "input_field is a text field on the same form"; 
REM "If input_field is blank by default, this 
formula yields @ERROR when the document is open."; 
REM "If it only finds two "words" e.g. Nov. 90  
or 12/12 it tries to decide whether you meant a"; 
REM "year or a day.  The error checking is weak , 
but @Date will only take legal ones ..."; 
tmp := @Replace(@LowerCase
(input_field); "," : "." : "-" : "/"; " ");
list1 := @Implode(@Explode(tmp; "-"));
list := @Implode(@Explode(list1; "/"));
month := @Word(list; " "; 1);
day := @TextToNumber(@Word(list; " "; 2));
w3 := @Word(list; " "; 3);
y1 := @If(w3 = ""; @Year(@Today); 
y2 := @If(y1 < 100; y1 + 1900; y1);
month_table := @Explode("jan feb mar 
apr may jun jul aug sep oct nov dec"); 
m := @If(@Matches(month; "*{a-z}*");
                   @Member(@Left(month; 3); 
month_table); @TextToNumber(month)); 
y := @If(w3 = "" & day > 31; @If
(day < 100; day + 1900; day); y2); 
d := @If(w3 = "" & day > 31; 1; day); 
@If(d > 31 | d < 1 | m < 1 | m 
> 12 | y < 1; @ERROR; @Date(y; m; d))

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