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How to define an alias-file to a databasefilename

This tip also works on the client, e.g. using your Notes Client. I use it to refer to my NAMES.NS4 on a fileserver, so I can use it across PC's and across several Notes Client versions on my machine. That is: My NAMES.NSF is a text-file with a dir-link to my USRPrivateNAMES.NS4 and together with a cascaded NAMES-ini setting: NAMES=r5names.nsf;names.nsf

Using this I use the same addressbook for my R4 and R5 client, on a single PC.

Code: Just follow these steps:
1. Go to your DATA directory.
2. Make a new file (NEWDB.NSF) using the OS editor, named as you want the alias name to be.
3. In the first line, refer to the file, this alias is alias for: Otherdir/oldfile.nsf
4. In the second line, you can add a comment: ; This is due to a migration effort by John Doe.
5. End the last line by a Carriage Return
6. Start your Client, and Open DB(Local/Server)
7. Open database 'NEWDB.NSF'
8. You find that it actually opens your Otherdir/oldfile.nsf, that it was an alias for.

If you recognize, it follows the syntax of the DIR-file, so please read on this matter (in HELP-db) if your'e in doubt.

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