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How to fix the size limitation on Lotus Notes summary text fields

There is a size limitation in summary text fields for all versions of Lotus Notes. This causes problems when users try to display, edit or save the document. member Brent Quick outlines the details of this issue and provides a LotusScript fix for it.

There is a limitation to the size of summary text fields of all versions of Lotus Notes:

  • For Lotus Notes 6.x and Lotus Notes 7.x, the limitation is 32K per field and allows approximately 61K (64K minus the overhead) of summary information per document.

  • For Lotus Notes 4.x and Lotus Notes 5.x, the limitation is 15K per field and allows approximately 61K (64K minus the overhead) of summary information per document.

For further explanation, check out the IBM support article Error: 'Field is too large (32k) or view's column and selection formulas too large' when saving document.

This can lead to a Lotus Notes field or document having more data than can be displayed in a summary, which in turn prevents a Lotus Notes document from being edited and saved by users.

There are two LotusScript procedures to help resolve this problem, which I've provided in this code. The first will report field sizes and the second will fix the IsSummary flag for all fields above the threshold.

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