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How to install an additional server as a first server

This tip describes how to install an additional server as a first server.

I find myself tearing down and rebuilding a test Domino server fairly frequently and since I have already created a bunch of certifier and user id's for that server, I want to be able to keep those. So, I would like to install the server using an existing NAB and IDs but since no other server is in the same domain, I must install it as a first server. I figured out a way to install the server as an additional server when no other server exists in the domain.

  1. Make sure you backup your certifier IDs, user IDs, NAB and any other database (such as user's mail databases) as well as the server's notes.ini file.
  2. Install your Domino Server software (in my particular case, I was installing 5.0.7a on Win NT).
  3. When the server starts for the first time, the Notes Client loads allowing you to configure the server. Choose Additional Server. 4. Make sure the installation process can access the server's ID file that you had backed up in step 1. and indicate where that file is in the configuration forms.
  4. Restore the NAB to the server's Data directory.
  5. Choose a name for the server (should be the name that corresponds to that contained in the server's ID file).
  6. The field where you indicate the server that contains a copy of the NAB should be populated with the same name as that indicated in step 6.
  7. Other configuration parameters are up to you (such as what services to install, etc.).
  8. Finish the configuration.
  9. Restore any other databases that you may have backed up in step 1.
  10. You may also want to restore the notes.ini file unless the server is now substantially different in configuration than it was previously.

You should have a working first server that was not created with new certifier, administrator IDs.

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