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How to manually create a custom SmartIcon

How to manually create a custom SmartIcon

From "Creating, modifying and deploying SmartIcons - A developer's and administrator's guide," by Andre Guirard, who works in Lotus Development's ISV Technical Consulting group, which originally appeared in the March/April 2000 edition of The View (

Lotus Notes comes with a set of several programmable, hence "customizable" SmartIcons. These are icons found at the end of the alphabetical list of Available icons in the SmartIcons Setting dialog. Some of these customizable icons, like the Macro buttons, come undefined; there is no formula language behind the button, and the icon has a generic name (Macro). Other customizable icons, such as "Open URL" or "Start Lotus ScreenCam," are predefined. Both types may be edited to create a custom SmartIcon.

To create a custom icon, select one of the customizable icons, and click "Edit Icon" from the dialog.

In the Description field of the Edit SmartIcons dialog, you can enter text to change the pop-up text associated with the icon.

Click "Formula." Now you can write a macro formula to change what happens when you click this customizable icon.

If you don't find a custom SmartIcon with a picture you like, you can use the Windows Paint program to create one.

You'll need a 16-color 24-x-24 pixel bitmap. Save this bitmap in the directory with the other SmartIcon graphics (generally, in the "w32" subdirectory of the Notes data directory).

In the "w32" directory, you'll notice there are fewer .bmp files than there are different SmartIcons. Files exist only for the custom icons - system icons are built into Notes, so there are no accessible files for them.

Shut down and restart Notes to make it notice the new icon. Then, when you open the SmartIcons Settings dialog, you should see the new graphic in the list of Available icons on the left, towards the bottom. You can use the Edit Icon button to further customize its formula, if you wish.

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