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How to print a form in landscape format automatically member Michael Marcavage provides some simple HTML code that will automatically change the page orientation of a form to landscape for printing -- without the user needing to go into Print Setup.

Have you ever wanted to change the page orientation of a form or page to landscape for printing, without the user needing to go into Print Setup? Here's how to do it:

Put this somewhere on the top page and make it pass through the HTML or HTML Head Content section of the form or page:

<style> type="text/css" media="print"> {
height: 750px;
width: 800px;
filter: progid:D/XImageTransform.Microsoft.BasicImage(Rotation=1);}

Now, make it pass through HTML:

<div class="page">
Put your content here.

Now make it pass through HTML again:


If you do a print preview on the Web, you will see that the page is now in landscape orientation.



I don't think this will work outside of an Internet Explorer browser or for those who need to be concerned about multiple browser access.
—Janette R.

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