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Http Password Maintenance

I implemented the following changes to the Person form in our Address Book to
allow our help desk staff to see what a users HTTP password was and to apply a
minimum length parameter of eight characters.
In the design of your address book, simply go to the Person form and right
below the HTTPPassword field, add a field called HTTPPassword_input. This
should be a standard text, editable field.

In the Hide When tab, select Hide Paragraph when Formula is True and enter the
following formula:

@Contains(@UserRoles; "[UserModifier]") != 1 & @Contains(@UserRoles;
"[UserCreator]") != 1

This formula dictates who can and can't see the un-encrpyted HTTP password.

Go to the Input Validation for the HTTPPassword_input field and put in the

@IF(@Length(HTTPPassword_input)&LT8; @Failure("You're password is too

This applies a minimum length of eight characters

Once you have created the HTTPPassword_input field, you need to change the
actual HTTPPassword field. In the properties, I set it to Hide from Notes and
the Web. Also, the fomula for the value of the field needs to be:

This automatically updates the HTTPPassword field with the encrypted value of
the field HTTPPassword_input.

Please note, this required an open, edit and save on each document and you will
have to put in the users password into the HTTPPassword_input field.

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