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Import your Eudora address book to your Lotus Notes PAB

Import the contact name and email (only) into your PAB from your default Eudora address book "nndbase.txt" using a .COL file.

These are basic steps on importing the contact name and e-mail (only) into your PAB (R5) from your default Eudora address book "nndbase.txt" using a .COL file.

  1. Create a NNDBASE.COL file with the following and save to your desktop:
    DisplayName:WKSCOL A
    FirstName:WKSCOL B
    LastName:WKSCOL C
    MailAddress:WKSCOL D
  2. Open Excel
  3. File - Open nndbase.txt
  4. Sort file by Column A
  5. Delete all rows containing "notes" in Column A (you're left with "alias")
  6. Delete Column A
  7. Delete all the other columns except for 2 which contain the contact name, and email. (So you're left with 2 columns A, B)
  8. Right-Click on column B and select INSERT (twice).
  9. You now have Columns A,B,C,D with B & C blank.
  10. In column B type this formula " =LEFT(A1,SEARCH(" ",A1,1))"
  11. In column C type this formula "=RIGHT(TRIM(A1),LEN(TRIM(A1))-SEARCH(" ",A1,1))"

    Please Note: Lines 10 & 11 will work correctly only if your Column A has this formatting "FIRSTNAME LASTNAME". Other variations in Column A may fail.

  12. Drag the bottom right edge of cell B1 all the way down so formula runs on all rows.
  13. Do same for cell C1. You will end up with Column B containing the first name of the contact and Column C which has the last name of contact.
  14. Save file as .WKS on your desktop
  15. Open PAB
  16. File-Import
  17. Select Lotus 123 as the filetype, find .WKS file and click IMPORT
  18. Select the following values for the import wizard-
    Use Form : Contact
    Column Format: Format File Defined
    COL File Name: NNDBASE.COL
    Check the box "Calculate fields on form during import"
    click OK

Last Step:
Once the contacts have been successfully imported, you will need to edit each person document in your PAB then Save and Close it in order for it to be 'recognizable' when trying to email someone and have it popup in your To: field.

Good luck! Tina

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