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Infinity Cross Over Data Calculator (ICDC)

In re-designing a Leave Application database, it was essential that submitted Leave Start / End dates be unique for the person submitting the leave request, in other words, these dates do not cross over another leave request's start/end dates for this person.

The validation script contained a complext searchformula$ text strings (@Commands) passed on to a db.Search.

To over come this problem i formulated the "ICDC"

The ICDC can be amended to check other date conditions by simply changing the > < symbols. May also use <=, etc. depends on what it is you want to test for.

'.....check if there are any active or existing leave requests for date range, where dates cross over Start, End, & within.

Dim view As notesview
Dim check As notesdocument
Set view = db.getView("
If Not (view Is Nothing) Then
Set check = view.getfirstDocument
While Not (check Is Nothing)
'..... if the personName in found doc is the same as as the name in current doc
If = Then
Dim fromdateA As New notesdatetime(doc.LeavestartDate(0))
Dim toDateA As New notesdatetime(doc.LeaveEndDate(0))
' the ICDC stuff
If ( Cdat(check.Leavestartdate(0)) < Cdat(toDateA.dateonly ) )  And ( Cdat(check.LeaveEndDate(0)) > Cdat(fromDateA.dateonly ) ) Then
Messagebox "There is a Leave Request in place for the period requested." & Chr(13) & _
"Please review your dates.", 0+48, "Error"
Exit Sub
End If
End If
Set check = view.getnextdocument(check)
End If


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