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Inheriting Field Value Into Editable Field

Notes documentation says that you can inherit a field value into another field
"IF" the field type is computed. What if you want it to be an initial value,
but editable?

I encountered this while designing a form that captured overtime values for an
employee. They entered their starting and ending shift times in an initial pair
of fields, then entered starting and ending overtime values into two other
pairs of fields. (One pair for "Before Shift" overtime, and the other for
"After Shift overtime)

I wanted two of the fields to be pre-populated with values from the starting
and ending shift fields. For "Before Shift" overtime, I wanted the stop time to
equal the shift start time, while "After Shift" overtime should have the start
time equal to the shift end time. However, the fields needed to be editable

Fortunately a workaround exists! You can inherit a field value from ANY field
that has a value!

Here is how to build it:
1. Insert a hidden editable text field on your form for each field you want
populated, and give it a default value. For this example, I will use "A".

2. Insert the following code into the INPUT TRANSLATION area of the field you
want to inherit the value.

Here is how it works:
When you fill out the field that contains the desired value you want to
inherit, the input translation for the desired field checks the value of the
hidden field, sees that it is set to "A". Pops the information in, then sets
the value to "D". This allows you to edit the field later if necessary.
@If(Hidden_Field_On_Form =
FIELD Hidden_Field_On_Form := "D";

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