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Insert Web Images into Lotus Notes Forms

I have images I want to access on a non-Domino web server. I don't want to add these same images to my resource library, but I want to include them in a Lotus Notes form. Here's how I did it ...

1) Add a 1x1 pixel image to the Resource Image Library.

2) In the Notes form, add this image where you want by doing an Create | Image Resource from the designer menu.

3) In the Picture Properties, give it a name in the HTML properties (say WebImage)

4) JSHeader
var frm;

5) In the ON LOAD event...
frm = window.document.forms[0];
window.document.images['WebImage'].src = "";

NOTE: This works slick if you can determine your image from another field on the form and insert it into your HTTP address.

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