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Integrating Domino data with an ERP application: A PeopleSoft example

Setting up the connection from the Domino server to the PeopleSoft application server

"Integrating Domino data with an ERP application: A PeopleSoft example," The View

One of the trickiest aspects of integrating Domino data with an ERP application is establishing "connectivity" between the Domino server and the PeopleSoft application server and message definitions.

It's important to understand that two connection points are required on the Domino server: one to connect to the PeopleSoft application server processes (via the Domino Connector for PeopleSoft), and one to connect to the message definition table metadata (via ODBC).

Connecting to the PeopleSoft application server processes via the Domino Connector for PeopleSoft
The Domino Connector for PeopleSoft is installed to the Domino server program directory, and the documentation files are installed to the designated Domino Help documentation directory.

Integration requirements differ slightly depending on which version of the PeopleSoft application server you are connecting to:

  • If connecting to a PeopleSoft 7.0 application server: The Message Agent process must be accessible (via a path statement) or installed directly at the Domino server. The Message Agent process is an instance that is initiated for each active process that will send data to or receive data from the PeopleSoft application server Message Agent process. Its function is to pass calls from the external application (the Domino Connector for PeopleSoft) to the PeopleSoft application server. For example, if DECS and LEI each define a transfer activity that would operate at the same time on the Domino server, two instances of the Message Agent process would need to be started to support the two integration activities.
  • If connecting to a PeopleSoft 7.5 application server: Be sure to include the network drive and path names of the PeopleSoft application server in the path statement of the Domino server machine. (Recall that the Message Agent Process is installed to a separate server, the PeopleSoft 7.5 application server.)

Connecting to the message definition tables via ODBC
When the Connector queries or updates information, it will use the message definitions that have been established for a particular PeopleSoft application business process. The message definition record definitions, or metadata, may be accessed externally using an ODBC driver specific to the RDBMS used to house the PeopleSoft application server data.

For example, to connect from Domino to a PeopleSoft application server that uses DB2 on AIX to hold PeopleSoft application data, an ODBC Driver for DB2 must be installed at the Domino server, and login parameters specific to the message definitions must be set.

This ODBC connection will be used by the Domino Connector for PeopleSoft to let application developers working in DECS or LEI view and interactively select PeopleSoft application data fields for integration with Domino application form fields.

From by Lauren Wendel, the Lotus Product Manager for Domino-ERP System Integration products, which originally appeared in the May/June 2000 edition .

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