Internet Password Management Over Multiple Domino Web Servers

If you have more than one Domino web server and you allow users to modify their
password through browser, you might encounter "replication conflict" pbm if you
update the PAB separately. Using Directory Assistance helps you to centralize
the web authentication in one dedicated Domino Directory (PAB)
for example : there is two server A and B. Each is in the same domain and have
the same replica of PAB. You might use server B to do all the web
authentication no matter where the request comes from server A or server B,
therefore, if user want to access databases in server A, the server B will
validate the name/password in server B's PAB, if validation is OK, then server
A will let user access its databases, otherwise the user will be rejected.

All the users' http password will be stored in the server B's PAB. and the next
replication will replicate the updates to the server A as well. By doing so, we
don't even need to touch server A's PAB at all.

Following is the procedure.

How to setup Directory Assistance.

1. Create a da.nsf using da50.ntf template in R5 server. open the da.nsf to
create DA document.

Domain Type: Notes
Domain Name: Internet
Company Name: Web Users
Enabled: Yes

Rule1: Enter asterisks for all the OrgUnit, Organization, and Country fields;
set Enabled to Yes; set Trust Credential to Yes

For Replica1 enter the following information:

ServerName: Hierarchical name of the Domino server
Address Book Filename: The filename of the secondary NAB, for example,NAMES2.NSF
Address Book Title: The exact title of the secondary NAB
Enabled: Yes
2. replicate da.nsf to all the involved servers, please make sure the filename
and path must be the same.

3. edit all the involved server documents and set the directory assistance db
to "DA.nsf"

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