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Do you ever try to teach user how to prepare document for Web publishing? It is hard task, isn't it? So forget about trouble and use this macro. Warning this is MICROSOFT WORD macro, which use OLE automation to publish Word document into Lotus Notes Database. It can be used to automating creation and update document for WEB sites. The solution is good for users with minimal knowledge of Lotus Notes and zero knowledge of HTML. To install the macro: Step 1. Install VB code in Word - Open MS Word - Go to menu Tools, then Macro, then Create - Provide name for macro, and attach keyboard shortcut or toolbar icon - Go to menu Tools, then Macro, then Edit Macro - Copy and paste code of the VB macros - Make call to subroutine PublishToLnDB Macro in code of your macro created in previous steps Step 2. Create destination web publishing LN database for document publishing - create LN Database on the SERVER use blank template - create LN Database which has one form called ?Pub? - Create two editable fields on the form ?Tile? ? type Text and ?Body? type Rich Text - Create view called ?view? with two columns ?ID? and ?Title?. The first column ?ID? should be sorted and have the following formula: @text(@DocUniqueID), the second column ?Tile? should have formula Tile How to play with the macro: - Important -run Lotus Notes and Logon to server Step1 publish first document - Create word document. First line o document will be used as title - Save the document - Run the macro created in installation step1. It ask you about server and database created in installation step2 - The document will be put automatically in database. First line in title field , rest in Body field. - Save the document Step 2. Publish second document - Create another document and publish it the same way as in the step 1 Step 3. Update the fist document - Open document created in step 1. Modify some text. - Run the publishing macro - Select update. How it works: First time the document is published. All publishing information like server name, document Id, database Id is stored in Word document custom properties. Next time this saved properties are used to detect if document was published, and then update content of document in LN database.
This was last published in November 2000

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