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I hardly ever see the @IsValid function used in actions that try to Save and Close a document.

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I hardly ever see the @IsValid function used in actions that try to Save and Close a document.

Here is the problem:

1. User clicks Save & Close action button.

2. The @Command([FileSave]) tries to save the form. When it fails validation it returns the @Failure message.

3. The user clicks on OK on the failure message and the formula continues with the @Command([FileCloseWindow]) command.

4. This causes a File Save window to appear, if the user clicks yes, the validation is run again.

To Fix this use the following code:

When a user clicks on Save and Close.




  • The most frequent code for "Save & Close" button is:
     @Command ([FileSave]); @Command ([FileCloseWindow]);

    But if the document cannot be saved (due to input validation errors), you will get a "save document?" message box caused from the FileCloseWindow command.

    This tip suggests using @IsValid to check if the document can be saved. But there is a better way to do this: The @Command([FileSave]) returns a value: @True, when successful, @False otherwise.

    So the shortest and best code for an "OK" or "Save & Close" Action is:

     @If (@Command([FileSave]);@Command([FileCloseWindow]);"")
    —Hans-Peter Kuessner

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