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JavaScript Propercase function

This function is the JavaScript equivalent to the notes @ProperCase (or as near as I can make it).

You need two routines: split() and toPC(). This function is the JavaScript equivalent to the notes @ProperCase (or as near as I can make it). For example thIs iS NOT proper-case returns This Is Not Proper-Case. You might have to adjust the formating of the code below to get it to work properly. I used tabs to indent each code segment.

Call the routine using newString=toPC(originalString). Note that you should probably strip any apostrophes or extraneous characters first.

//split a string s with the delimeter del
function split(s,del){
	arrS= new Array();
	var i=0;
	var j=0;
	var k=0;
	var delim=new String(del);

	//Is the delimeter in the string
		for (i=0; i<s.length;i++){
	return arrS;

//Converts string to ProperCase with spaces and hyphens
function toPC(s){
	var i;
	var returnString = "";
	var tmpS=s.toLowerCase();
	var arrS= new Array();
	var arrS2 = new Array();
	//search each word in array arrS
	arrS=split(tmpS," ");
	for (i = 0; i < arrS.length; i++){   
		var thisWord=arrS[i];
		//Check to see if word contains a hyphen
			arrS2 = split(thisWord,"-");
			for(var j=0; j < arrS2.length; j++){
				var thisWord2=arrS2[j];
				returnString = returnString + thisWord2.charAt(0).toUpperCase() + thisWord2.substring(1,thisWord2.length)+"-";
			returnString = returnString.substring(0,returnString.length-1)+" ";
		} else {
			returnString = returnString + thisWord.charAt(0).toUpperCase() + thisWord.substring(1,thisWord.length)+" ";
	returnString = returnString.substring(0,returnString.length-1);
	return returnString;

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