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JavaScript _doClick Button Source Hack

I found an interesting side-effect of the tab of the designer infobox for hotspot buttons. This behavior may be a bug or a feature.

This trick could be handy shortcut for those who like to capture the generated Domino "_doClick" JavaScript from Notes @formula actions for pasting into discretionary design hotspots, such as from a Submit button that contains "@Command([FileSave]); @Command([FileCloseWindow])"

A quick way to get the Domino generated JavaScript from a button with @commands follows.

1. This is a "Web Access: Use JavaScript" database. You have the Designer open to the form with the button.

2. Open the button's properties box.

3. Go to the <HTML> tab.

4. Enter "<>" into the "Other" field at the bottom of the tab. See image 1.

5. Save the form.

6. View the form on the Web. The _doClick script will appear right next to the button on the page, with an extra ">" at the end. The result is really no different than using "View Source" to copy the script but it's a little more obvious to bleary eyes!

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