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JavaScript detects Web browser type and version in Notes/Domino 8.0.2

Previous Lotus Notes/Domino versions let you use navigator.appName and navigator.appVersion to detect which Web browser type and version were used in Notes/Domino applications. This is no longer an option in Notes/Domino 8.0.2 and higher. Use this JavaScript class to accurately detect which Web browser type and version are being used in your Notes/Domino applications.

Previous versions of Notes/Domino let developers use navigator.appName and navigator.appVersion to reveal which Web browser type and version were used being used in Notes/Domino applications. In Notes/Domino 8.0.2, however, these functions no longer give developers what they want.

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Domino provides us with the @BrowserInfo function, but this function gives incorrect results for newer Web browser versions. I was looking for a way to program a Web application based on specific browsers. This JavaScript class is easy to use and tested for almost all Web browsers.

JavaScript to detect Web browser type and version
(Click on code for enlarged view and script download.)

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