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KM and the Domino Administrator

This tip looks at the role of the Raven Administrator.

KM and the Domino Administrator

This is the second installment in a three-part series looking at Lotus' forthcoming knowledge-management tool, Raven, and the new roles, responsibilities and career paths that will be generated for knowledge management. This week's tip looks at the role of the Raven Administrator.

Raven will require some new responsibilities and skill sets from the Domino Administrator. Here are some specific Administrator requirements:

Role of the Administrator: With Raven, Notes and Domino database administration expands beyond a server orientation and takes on the role of content manager, responsible for all of the databases relating to a specific line of business. For example, you might be the administrator for the marketing department, and your databases would include the competitive intelligence database, the lead tracking database, the customer research database and so forth.

"That's different from Notes in that all of these individual databases would now all be grouped together, and you would manage the content as a whole," explains Wendi Pohs, a Lotus user assistance manager who is writing a methodology for leveraging Raven. "You might be responsible for a portal for all of the marketing information."

Skills Required: First, you must know more about the content within all the relevant databases rather than just providing access to individual databases. Second, you must possess content classification skills that will enable you to build catalogs -- or "taxonomies" -- for an entire subject area as opposed to only a catalog of a single database. That, in turn, means you must be up to speed on line-of-business (LOB) processes, the work that people within the LOB perform and how they might use the information, so you can classify it in meaningful ways.

"It's a bit like creating an online card catalog," Pohs says. "Database administrators already have some of these skills because they've used categories to maintain databases. It's database management on a grander scale, and it requires a hybrid of IT and information management skills."

In two weeks, our third installment will cover developer roles and skills for Raven.

Leslie Goff is a contributing editor based in New York.

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