Keyword Choice Refresh Formula

In most of the applications we use dbcolumn and dbLookup. There is a small
issue when we use DBlookup in editable keyword field. The Field value ( field
with using DBlookup formula) will not get refreshed even if key field value is
changed. This may cause invalid value selection by the user. To overcome this
normally we write script in field exiting event/ input validation. Here is a
simple way to achieve this using formula. Formula given below should be used in
the field that uses DBlookUp Formula for choices.

FldDbColumn - Editable keyword Field that stores the key for dblookup
FldDbLookup - Editable keyword Field that uses DbLookup Formula for choice list

Select Refresh Fields on keyword change proprty for field "FldDbColumn" and
Refresh choices on document refresh property for field "FldDbLookup"

REM "Your View Name Here";
LookupView := "K1";
REM " Your Look up key Field ";
LookupKey := FldDbColumn;
REM " Lookup Column number. IF u want to use a field name for return values,
then enter field name in quotes ";
LookupColumn :=2;
REM " name of the current Field";
CurrentFieldName := "FldDbLookup";
REM "Current Field Value
CurrentFieldValue := FldDbLookup;

Temp := @DbLookup("":"NoCache";@DbName;LookupView;LookupKey;LookupColumn);


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