Ldap Attributes Not Searchable After Extending Domino Directory Schema

The following is a common problem that customers
run into when extending the R5 Domino Directory for LDAP:
The Customer has just added the fields to the Person
schema with the Domino Designer client and the attribute
or field is not searchable via LDAP client.

To add an object attribute (Notes field) to Domino's LDAP
schema, do not edit the system subforms ($PersonExtensibleSchema,
$GroupExtensibleSchema, $ResourceExtensibleSchema,
$CertifierExtensibleSchema). Rather create a new subform.
For example, create a new subform and add the field DOH
(Date of Hire) to the new subform. Save the subform and then
insert the subform into the $PersonExtensibleSchema subform.
Inserting the subform, automatically assigns the field(s) created
into the LDAP Person schema. Finally, reload the schema,
(tell ldap reload schema) from the server console. In order for
these additions to appear to appear in schema50.nsf database
immediately, run the command TELL LDAP EXPORTSCHEMA from
the Domino server console, or the system will do it automatically
when the Designer task runs. This will update the schema database
automatically. (Make sure that this database is not open at the time;
the actual database is re-created from scratch, including all the new

Neil Deluca
Principal Systems Engineer
Lotus Professional Services, N.A.

Neil Deluca brings over 18 years of experience in the computer industry and a
degree in computer science and maketing to the Lotus Professional Services
Seminar Series. Neil has led numerous planning and implementation engagements
for Domino R4 and R5, and recently worked with Lotus Professional Services and
Iris Associates to help refine the messaging infrastructure of Release 5.
Neil's areas of expertise include security, directories, LDAP, and other
Internet protocols. Neil worked with the Field Support Services (FSS) team to
create R5 Upgrade Seminar and has published numerous technical articles in The
View. Before joining the Field Support Services team, Neil worked in Lotus
Professional Servies' support area as a Principal Support Engineer on the
Server team.

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