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List Dbs On A Server That Are Templates

This is an agent that creates a text list of databases which are also design
templates with their template names. This is to help resolve template name
conflicts and clean up old design templates from a server.
'DB is a template (list)|DbIsTempNames:

Option Public
Option Declare

Sub Initialize
' Creates a textfile list of databases that are templates for a server
Dim counter%
Dim filenum As Integer
filenum = Freefile()
Dim DbDir As NotesDBDirectory
Dim session As New notessession
Dim servername As String
servername = Inputbox("Server name","Input the server
Set DbDir = session.GetDbDirectory( servername )
Open "DbProps.txt" For Output As #filenum
Print #filenum, "Only databases that are templates on this server are
Print #filenum,servername
Print #filenum, pad("filename", 20) & pad("title", 30) & pad("Design
Template Name (Is Template)", 40) & pad("filepath", 60)
Dim db As notesdatabase
Set db = DbDir.getfirstdatabase(TEMPLATE_CANDIDATE)
Do Until db Is Nothing
Print db.filename
If Not Cstr(db.TemplateName)="" Then
Print #filenum, pad(db.filename, 20) & pad(db.title, 30) &
pad(Cstr(db.TemplateName), 40) & pad(Cstr(db.filepath), 60)
End If
Set db = DbDir.getnextdatabase
Close #filenum
'open Notepad with the textfile - only works on Windows
Dim taskid%
taskid% = Shell("notepad.exe DbProps.TXT",1)
End Sub

Function pad(word As String, width1 As Integer)
' this function is just to format text on the report
Dim prepad As String
Dim padcount As Integer
prepad = Left(word + String(width1, " "),width1)
For padcount = 1 To Len(prepad)
If Mid(prepad,padcount,1)={"}Then
Mid(prepad,padcount,1)={ }
End If
pad = prepad
End Function
This was last published in November 2000

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