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Loading views from multiple databases w/one common frameset - programmatically

How to get around this known bug in R5

Programmatically loading views from other databases into one common frameset is not an easy task in R5. When you use @command macros to load views from other databases within a frameset, a brand new window is loaded - and the frameset removed. The following tip illustrates how to get around this known bug in R5.

1) Create form and called it "loadview"
2) Insert a field called "load"
3) In the default value of the field, put this formula:


On the load event of the form, put the following:

var linkto = (document.forms[0].Linkto.value);
  if (linkto=="") {return false}else{

Now, whenever you need to launch a view from another database, use the following script:

Sub launchView(_
Dblaunch As NotesDatabase, _  ' Database that contains view to launch
strParameter As String, _            ' View name to open
ws As NotesUIWorkspace _          ' UIWorkspace
	Dim sessionTemp As New NotesSession	
	Dim strURL As String
	strURL = "Notes:/"+dbLaunch.replicaID+"/"+strParameter 
	'-- "Notes:/930293930303/vwLink?openview 
	Call sessionTemp.SetEnvironmentVar("URLLink",strURL)
	Call  ws .ComposeDocument(dbCurrent .server,dbCurrent .Filepath,"loadview")
End Sub

call launchView(dbTarget,"vwPending?openview",ws)

Why it works? Because load event in form "loadview" reads the value from the "load" field and redirects the page to whatever view you want using the Notes protocol.

Works like a dream. You can open views, folders, and documents.

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