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Lock action bar and top of page against scrolling

Prevent buttons from disappearing when the user scrolls down a page.

Don't you hate it that the action bar at the top of a page disappears every time you have to scroll down the page? Well, here is a solution that does not need frames! It enables you to split a form in two parts and lock the top part (which holds the Domino action bar) so that only the bottom part gets a scrollbar.

The solution is based upon DHTML and probably only works properly with Internet Explorer. We use it with ie-5 and up.

The solution is quite simple. In your form, you first create a <div> section that covers the whole document except for the action bar, and we add a scroll bar to it. This is done by adding the following code (pass through HTML) at the place where you want to split your form:

   Height: 0px ;
   Width: 100% ;
   overflow: auto ;
<div id="Body" class="documentBody"> 

The part of the document before this code will be locked. In case you just want to lock the action bar, place the code right at the beginning of your form.

Finally, you add some code to adjust the size of the <div> area when the page is resized and we disable the scroll function of the page. To do this, you add the following code to the end of the form (again as pass through HTML):

var bodyElement = document.body.all['Body'] ;

function LayoutBodyElement() { = document.body.offsetHeight -
bodyElement.offsetTop ;
} // LayoutBodyElement

// Initialize everything when the document is ready
function document.onreadystatechange() {
 document.body.scroll = "no" ;
 LayoutBodyElement( ) ;
 // Handle all resize events
 window.onresize = LayoutBodyElement;
} // document.onreadystatechange


NOTICE that the <div> section is NOT closed with a </div> tag. The reason for this is that now, the attachment details that domino will insert at the end of the page in case the document contains one or more attached files will also be in the <div> section.

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