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Look For An Active Window In Windows

The script find if a window (aplication) is active in Windows
It?s call "Active Window" when the aplication is executing. If you see that,
all the aplications in Windows has a title on the left top corner, in base of
this title we realized that the window is still active. In this example we
prove with Calculator of Window (Calc.exe)
'in the event Declarations (action, button, agent)

Declare Function FindWindow Lib "user32" Alias "FindWindowA" (Byval
lpClassName&, Byval lpWindowName As String) As Long

' in the event click or initialize o, etc..

Dim winHwnd As Long
Dim RetVal As Long
winHwnd = FindWindow(0, "Caculator")
If winHwnd <> 0 Then
Msgbox "The calculator is executing"
Msgbox "The calculator is not open"
End If

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