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Lookup information from the NAB

Lookup information from the NAB (Domino Directory) using @Commands or LotusScript.

Lookup information from the NAB (Domino Directory) using @Commands or LotusScript.
@COMMANDS in a [Button]

tmpName := @Name([CN];@UserName);
FIELD PhoneNumberField := "";

@If([email protected](@Subset(@DbLookup("":"NoCache"; "Enter Database 
ReplicaID"; "($Users)";tmpName;"OfficePhoneNumber");1)); @SetField("PhoneNumberField";@Subset(@DbLookup("":"NoCache"; "Enter
Database ReplicaID"; "($Users)"; tmpName;"OfficePhoneNumber");1)); @If([email protected](@Subset(@DbLookup("":"NOCACHE";"Enter Database
ReplicaID";"People";tmpName;"OfficePhoneNumber");1)); @SetField("PhoneNumberField";@Subset(@DbLookup("":"NOCACHE";"Enter
Database ReplicaID";"People";tmpName;OfficePhoneNumber);1));
@SetField("PhoneNumberField";"Not Available"))); @Prompt([OK];"Using @Commands";tmpName+"'s phone number is " +
PhoneNumberField) LOTUSSCRIPT in a [Function] Public Function GetOfficePhoneNumber(tmpUser As String) As String On Error Goto processError Dim tmpSession As New NotesSession Forall tmpAddressBook In tmpSession.AddressBooks If tmpAddressBook.IsPublicAddressBook Then tmpAddressBook.Open "","" GetOfficePhoneNumber =
(tmpUser, False)
.OfficePhoneNumber(0) Exit Forall End If End Forall Exit Function processError: GetOfficePhoneNumber = "" Resume Next End Function

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