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Lotus Notes and Domino Solutions for Human Resources: Call Support

Lotus Notes and Domino Solutions for Human Resources: Call Support

This is the fourth part of a four-part series on human resources. This weeks' Lotus411 Executive Briefing on Notes Technology focuses on using Notes for HR Call Support.

HR budgets are constantly under careful scrutiny. Notes can save a company time and money by helping everyone work more efficiently. As organizations realize that their most important asset is people, they are also discovering that groupware tools like Notes enable communication and collaboration, which in turn, increase personal and group productivity. Here are some key features:

Quick access to HR staff: When employees need to contact the HR group directly, Notes can be used to aid in call tracking. Calls can be logged in, routed and prioritized for HR employees. The HR staff can review databases with employees, find the answers to queries and escalate calls to a specialist if necessary.

A chance to take the company's pulse: Notes can also quantify calls, allowing a call center to track the volume of calls on a specific topic, which allows managers to evaluate which policies and procedures need more attention or changes.

An ongoing resource for the entire enterprise: With Notes, organizations get a common, enterprisewide groupware tool that grows with the organization that extends from the HR department to line managers and employees. For line managers, Note provides an easy, secure way to initiate or approve HR transactions, such as new hires or promotions. For employees, Notes enables fast access to HR information and services from the desktop - or via a Notes client, Web browser, kiosk or phone. This can be done locally or remotely.

Lotus Notes Provides the Right Tools for HRIS

Lotus Notes' unique features make it ideal for implementing HR solutions that offer a new level of support to organizations:

Database integration: Lotus Notes applications are based on document databases with robust object storage capabilities. These databases serve as the central access point for scanned images, faxes, phone messages, video, graphics, Internet data, external DBMS information and more. Notes offers powerful integration between Notes databases and transaction-oriented database systems.

Internet integration: With all elements you need to build a Web application, Notes is an ideal environment for developing applications for the Internet. It gives HR departments the ability to create, collect, publish and manage information via the Internet.

Messaging and workflow: Notes users can send and receive e- mail via NotesMailTM or a variety of popular mail systems. Every Notes application is automatically mail-enabled, so you can build workflow applications to support HR processes and automate the transaction from the employee's or manager's desktop.

Replication and mobile support: Notes databases can be replicated to other locations, including mobile users, allowing remote access to up-to-date data or applications. Database changes are distributed and synchronized simultaneously and seamlessly, offering access to line managers and others who are frequently on the road or working from another location.

Security: Notes offers many levels of security, from the database down to the field level, ensuring that sensitive HR information is protected.

Application development capabilities: With Notes, you can develop customized HR applications to meet the needs of almost any HR business process. This can be done using the application development tools in Notes, or by using client/server applications available through Lotus Business Partners.

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