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LotusScript Code To Prevent Users from Using ?Openagent

The following piece of LotusScript code at the start of the agent will prevent users from invoking the ?OpenAgent action URL directly.

Set session = New NotesSession
Set docContext = session.DocumentContext
REM -------------------------------------
REM Don?t allow invocation of this agent from just any HTTP
REM Referrer. The referrer must be from our server.
REM --------------------------------------
If Not(Instr(1, Ucase(docContext.HTTP_Referer(0)),
Ucase(docContext.Server_Name(0))) > 0) And _
Not(Instr(1, Ucase(docContext.HTTP_Referer(0)),
Ucase(docContext.HTTP_HOST(0))) > 0) Then
Print {<H1>Error</H1>Unauthorized Exception<P><HR>}
Print {</BODY></HTML>}
Exit Sub
End If

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