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LotusScript agent moves tagged spam email to junk mail folder

Apply this LotusScript agent to the Mail File to detect incoming email messages tagged as 'spam:' in Lotus Notes, and move them to the junk mail folder.

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Spam filtering in Lotus Notes environments is essential, but can be time consuming. This LotusScript agent runs on the Mail File to capture incoming email messages before they arrive in a Lotus Notes user's mailbox. It then examines the subject line.

If the message has been tagged as "spam:", the LotusScript agent removes the message from the user's inbox automatically and moves it to the junk mail folder. This agent can be used locally or on the Domino server.

I've also appended the LotusScript agent by creating a Lotus Notes view that contains a white list. Before the message is moved to the junk mail folder, the agent performs a check on the message in this view. If the sender is on the white list, the agent removes the "spam:" tag and releases the email message to the inbox.

LotusScript for spam removal
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