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LotusScript button updates email addresses in Lotus Notes PAB

Send Lotus Notes users an email message that contains this LotusScript-coded button. This button will allow them to easily update an email in the location document of their Personal Address Books (PABs). The button automatically notifies the administrator once the address has been updated.

To change an email address stored in the location document of a Lotus Notes user's Personal Address Book (PAB), there is a simple way. Send the user an email containing a button that includes the following LotusScript.

Using this code, you can change the email address in the location documents of the PAB from: <[email protected]> to <[email protected]>. You can also include instructions for users explaining why they're receiving this email and button.

This LotusScript is adjustable for your needs.Once installed, the code sends an email to the Notes/Domino administrator notifying him when the update has been made.

Author's note: I used the fnSendMailWithDocLink function; credit goes out to author Siva Ramanathan.

LotusScript button to change email addresses in PAB
(Click on code for enlarged view and script download.)

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