LotusScript class to track modification history

This code computes and displays the modification history of a document.

This code computes and displays the modification history of a document. The document must contain a field (mine is hidden) called HIDDENHISTORY, an editable text list field. This field takes holds the edit history. Use as you would any class.

I put this code in the QuerySave event where "doc" is a global variable defined in the form's global declarations and assigned in the postopen event:

    Dim modify As New Modification 
modify.ModifyHiddenHistory doc

This code is in a form action button pressed to display the modification history:

   Dim modify As New Modification

Class Modification
'---Stowe Spivey, November 29, 2001

Function numtosee  '---how many modifications do you wnat to see in the 
messagebox numtosee=12 End Function Sub ModifyHiddenHistory(doc As NotesDocument) Dim session1 As New NotesSession Dim dateTime As New NotesDateTime( "" ) Dim item As NotesItem Set item=doc.GetFirstItem("HiddenHistory") dateTime.LSLocalTime = Now item.AppendToTextList session1.CommonUserName & " " &
dateTime.LSLocalTime & ";" doc.Save True, False End Sub Sub ModHistory Dim session As New NotesSession Dim ws As New NotesUIWorkspace Dim uidoc As NotesUIDocument Dim doc As NotesDocument Dim upper As Integer Dim lower As Integer Dim history As String Dim ending As String Dim havehas As String Set uidoc=ws.Currentdocument Set doc=uidoc.Document updaters = doc.getitemvalue("HiddenHistory") upper=Ubound(updaters) If upper < (numtosee - 1) Then lower=0 Else lower=upper - numtosee + 1 'adding 1 takes into
account the counting of the first item End If history="" For i = upper To lower Step -1 history=history & updaters(i) & Chr(10) Next i If upper > 0 Then '---customizes the output to plural if needed. ending = "s" havehas = "have" Else ending="" havehas = "has" End If Messagebox history, 64, "There "& havehas &" been " & upper
+ 1 & " modification" & ending & ". Following are the most recent
" & upper - lower + 1 End Sub End Class

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