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LotusScript code rebuilds corrupted busytime.nsf file

The Notes/Domino busytime.nsf file can become become corrupted, causing problems with the Resource Reservations database. Use this LotuScript code to rebuild busytime.nsf files nightly -– without deleting busytime.nsf.

The Notes/Domino busytime.nsf file can become corrupted, causing the Resource Reservations database to fail to work properly. For example, resources may appear as unavailable when they are available.

By placing this LotusScript code in an agent in the Resource Reservations database and running it nightly, you can rebuild the busytime.nsf database. This code will work in all versions of Notes/Domino 8.x.

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Unlike similar programs, this code doesn't attempt to delete the busytime.nsf. I've found that those processes are usually prone to errors when made automatically, due to uncontrolled caching. In this LotusScript code, the documents are recreated when the program restarts Domino server tasks.

This code can also be adapted for clustered servers. References of busytime.nsf become clubusy.nsf, and you have to run the code on each Domino server in the cluster.

LotusScript to rebuild busytime.nsf
(Click on code for enlarged view and script download.)

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