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LotusScript equivalent of @Picklist for Lotus Notes

Get the LotusScript code alternative to @Picklist([Folder]), to select folders in a Lotus Notes database.

I was recently writing some LotusScript code with a lot of back-end manipulations that required a folder picker to navigate through a MailFile.

I originally tried using the following code:

dim ses as new notessession 
dim db as notesdatabase 
dim ret as variant 
set db = ses .currentdatabase 

( [FOLDERS] : [SINGLE] ;} + db.server 
+ {:} + db.FilePath +{ )}) 

However, I continually received the error message: "operation failed." At this point, I decided that I had to look for an alternative method.

Why my initial code failed repeatedly is unclear. I did, however, discover that not all @Formula statements work with the Evaluate() function.

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This is often the case when interacting with the workspace/GUI. After considerable tuning and tweaking, I came up with the following LotusScript code alternative for @Picklist([Folder]).

An undocumented parameter for workspace.PicklistStrings exists in LotusScript to select folders in a Lotus Notes database. The first parameter can be "0-3," according to the Domino Designer Help. But using "4" allows you to select folders.

LotusScript equialent for @Picklist
(Click on code for enlarged view and script download.)

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