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LotusScript filters and attaches files to a Notes form

Using the workspace.OpenFileDialog method lets you filter file types before attaching them to a Notes field form. You can modify this method further by limiting the size of attachments. Get the steps and LotusScript you need here.

I wanted to attach a single file to a Lotus Notes field form and limit the attachment size. There are two methods to do this -- [EditInsertFileAttachment] or workspace.OpenFileDialog.

Although the [EditInsertFileAttachment] method is easier, I prefer to use workspace.OpenFileDialog because it allows you to filter the file type that you want to attach.

After implementing the workspace.OpenFileDialog method, selecting the file I wanted to attach and checking its size, I experienced a problem. The file is only attached to the form after I save the document.

To prevent this, create a form and add an editable rich-text field called Attachment. Note that the Show field delimiter option is not checked.

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Next to this option, add a <Choose [.EXTENSION] file> button and a computed text field called filepath. Both of these buttons are hidden in read mode.

Note: The default value is filepath.

My file constraints are set at a single .jpg that's 1 MB in size. The code for my button is as follows:

LotusScript to launch attachments
(Click on code for enlarged view and script download.)

Then I added a <Save> button to the main form. While the document was being saved, I added the rule that allows only one file to be attached. Finally, I attached the file, which was based on the file path and stored in the filepath field. Here is the code for the <Save> button:

LotusScript to launch attachments
(Click on code for enlarged view and script download.)

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