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Mail Forwarding Agent

It is possible to enable automatic mail forwarding for a user by entering an
e-mail address in the Forwarding Address field of the user's person document in
the PAB. However, common user's do not have the necessary authority to do
this. This agent allows users to enable/disable mail forwarding for
themselves, by sending a copy of newly received mail documents to another
e-mail address. To run this agent, one must have the authority to run
scheduled agents on the mail server.
1. Select your mail database and choose "Create - Agent" form the menu.

2. Give the agent the name "Mail Forwarding."

3. Select the run option "If New Mail Has Arrived."

4. Click "Add Search."

5. Select the condition "In Folder", select the folder "Inbox", and click "OK."

6. Select "Simple Action(s)", and click "Add Action."

7. Select "Send Mail Message" , and enter the e-mail address to forward to in
the To box.

8. Click "More", select "Formulas" in the Subject box, then enter "Subject"
(without quotes) in the subject box, and click "OK."

9. Select "Include copy of document", and click "OK."

10. Close and save the agent.

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