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Mail "From" Tidier

Fed up of seeing horrid unformatted names in your inbox or other mail views?

Who Subject...
Marcus Miller
DOE, John
"Alain Caron"
Suzy Quattro
"Frank Castle"
Thomas Hearns

Wouldn't it be nice to have them all looking like nice Notes names? eg:

Marcus Miller
Jane Doe
John Doe
Alain Caron
Suzy Quattro
Audi Quattro
Frank Castle
Thomas Hearns

Well, here's the Column formula for Who to do it! Can be used in Folders like
($Inbox) or Views. Note the last bit, where you can check for names and
display aliases ad-naseum instead.

Enjoy your neat inboxes.
SentBy:=@If(Principal = ""; From; Principal);
CN:=@Trim(@If(DeliveredDate != "" | SendTo = ""; @Name([CN]; SentBy);
@Name([CN]; @Subset(SendTo; 1))));
G:=@If(CN=""; @Trim(@If(DeliveredDate!="" | SendTo=""; @Name([G]; SentBy);
@Name([G]; @Subset(SendTo; 1)))); "");
S:=@If(CN=""; @Trim(@If(DeliveredDate!="" | SendTo=""; @Name([S]; SentBy);
@Name([S]; @Subset(SendTo; 1)))); "");
Person := @If(CN != ""; CN; G != ""; G + " " + S; S != ""; S;

REM "**************************************";
REM "Remove horrid quotes and internet dots";
REM "**************************************";

NoQuotesOrDots:=@ReplaceSubstring(@ReplaceSubstring(Person;".";" ");"\"";NULL);

REM "**********************************";
REM "Check to see if it's a one-word";
REM "name, like by checking";
REM "for a space, and check to see if it's";
REM "a SURNAME, Firstname address, to swap";
REM "the bits around the command and remove";
REM "the comma.";
REM ***********************************";

FirstName:=@If(!@Contains(NoQuotesOrDots; " "); NoQuotesOrDots;
@Contains(NoQuotesOrDots; ","); @Right(NoQuotesOrDots; ", ") + " ";
@Left(NoQuotesOrDots; " ") + " ");

SecondName:=@If(@Contains(NoQuotesOrDots; ","); @Left(NoQuotesOrDots; ",");
@Right(NoQuotesOrDots; " "));

REM "*****************";
REM "Make it look nice";
REM "*****************";

DisplayedName:=@ProperCase(FirstName + SecondName);

REM "************************************ ";
REM "Work out if it's from someone special";
REM "else return DisplayedName.";
REM "*************************************";

@If(Form = "Delivery Report" : "NonDelivery Report" : "Trace Report"; "Mail
Router"; DisplayedName = "James Jennett"; "Jimster"; DisplayedName)
This was last published in November 2000

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