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Mailmerge To Ms-Word

This code makes a text file which is supported by MS-Word mailmerge.

Put this code in a viewaction and select some documents. After clicking the
button the scripts askes you for an filename and creates a mailmerge record in
this file for each selected doc.
You can than use the file created in MS-Word as a mailmergefile.

Good luck

Ard van Leeuwen
My Way Solutions
Sub Initialize

Set session = New NotesSession

fhandle% = Freefile()
file =Inputbox("Naam van het te maken merge bestand", "Bestandsnaam")
If (file="") Then
Exit Sub
End If
filedir="C:\temp\Mergebestanden\" + file + ".doc"
Open filedir For Output As fhandle%
Print #fhandle%, "mergefieldcode1";Chr(9); "mergefieldcode2"; Chr(9)
Set db = session.currentdatabase
Set col = db.UnprocessedDocuments
'Only the selected docs are merged
Set doc = col.GetFirstDocument()
While Not(Doc Is Nothing)
Print #fhandle%, doc.NotesField1(0)+Chr(9),
doc.NotesField2(0)+Chr(9), doc.NotesField3(0)+Chr(9)
Set doc = col.GetNextDocument(doc)

Close fhandle%
End Sub

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