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Manage generic user accounts

These steps will help you manage generic accounts.

At our company, we have a policy against creating generic user accounts. They are a security risk and a management nightmare. We generally attach an alias such as "info" or "webmaster" to a user who will be receiving function related mail. We do this by adding a new line to the "User Name" field of the NAB. Doing this allows us to track exactly who gets the e-mail, and the response comes from a real person.

The troubling situation occurs when you have a role name where the mail is managed by multiple users. You could create a mail Group and send multiple copies of a message out (yuck if they are big), but then the users don't know if a topic was addressed. You get the "I thought you did that..." syndrome. I found that I could address this with a mail-in database. Here's how it did it for our monthly reports.

Create a Mail-In database on your server using the Mail template. Although this gives you the added overhead of the calendar and to-do support, it works great and gives your users a familiar interface. Go to the ACL and assign the authorized users with Author access.

Go to the NAB and create the Mail-In database record. You might want to use a name like "Monthly Reports" with an Internet Address of [email protected]

Go to Tools/Preferences and assign "This mail file belongs to:" to the "Monthly Reports" name picked from the NAB.

Give your users a book mark of this file.

What's cool about this solution is that when your users send mail from this mailbox, the replies come back to the mailbox, although they show "Sent By:" of the sender. To address the work-flow issues, we created folders to store the reports and the users move a message to the appropriate folder once they take care of the action required. That way you know the item was addressed.

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